Working Alternatives

Our Mission

“Blending public safety efforts and residential re-entry services to promote community well-being.”


About Us

Working Alternatives is a community-based residential re-entry center that offers transitional housing services to federal inmates and probationees. Working Alternatives provides a structured and secure reintegration program to residents in an effort to reduce recidivism and ultimately better our communities. Working Alternatives has been successfully helping residents transition back into communities since 1988. Working Alternatives has three locations throughout California and Arizona.

Our Goals

Working Alternatives is partnered with the local community and the Bureau of Prisons to facilitate a safe and evidenced based program that truly meets the needs of the re-entry population.

Working Alternatives facilitates both on-site programming and referrals to community resources. Our goal is to facilitate a re-entry program that effectively prepares residents for life in their home communities. This includes providing mental and behavioral health referrals, employment placement services, and support in re-establishing family and community ties.

“I greatly appreciate this facility for having a fair chance in society and to not be judged or treated differently. I am also able to get the help and into the programs that I need to better my life.”
Former Resident

Program Overview

Picture of Working Alternatives Facility

Case Management

 On-site Case Managers conduct ongoing one-on-one meetings with residents to create a collaborative and meaningful re-entry plan that marries both the residents’ personal goals, and what is required to meet their legal obligations. Our Case Managers work in conjunction with Probation Officers, local law enforcement, and community providers to ensure that the residents’ needs are met while maintaining public safety standards.

Employment Placement

The program provides an Employment Placement Specialist who assists residents in gaining and maintaining gainful employment in the local community. This position works to educate both residents and employers about working with those who are involved with the criminal justice system.

Community Connection

Working Alternatives aims to positively reconnect residents with the community by encouraging healthy long-term social relationships and referring residents to appropriate community services. Additionally, Working Alternatives provides education to local agencies in an effort to reduce stigma, and pave the way for a more successful re-entry process in the future.